Thursday, October 17, 2013


Saturday night we had plans to take dinner over to a friend's to celebrate their new home.  She has a four kids ranging from 16-25, all with significant others that are known to be present at even given time.  I wanted to make sure there was enough food to feed a crowd in case there was one in fact present.  I spent Saturday morning prepping as Riesling would allow and all of nap time making a huge crockpot of turkey meatballs and a pan of roasted vegetable pasta. 

The crockpot was on 'low' for about 3 hours and I had recently switched the setting to 'warm'.  Jim had just gotten home from work and we were getting cleaned up and organized to head out.  Out of nowhere the glass lid of the crockpot shattered!  Into my meatballs!  I was honestly dumbfounded for about 5 minutes, just starring at the disaster trying to decide a) what the hell happen and b) what do I do about dinner.  After the shock wore after it was decided that no one wants glass shards in their dinner and the entire batch was contaminated.  Luckily, I had set aside a much smaller batch to freeze and only one of her kids were home for dinner so I still managed to feed everyone with 2 meatballs to spare.  But, seriously Crock Pot how did this happen?!

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