Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letters from Riesling

Hello Friends & Family,

As you all know, I am going to be a big sister pretty darn soon.  I thought I should start getting some things ready.  First things first.  I really wanted out of that baby crib so I decided showed Mommy & Daddy that I didn't need it anymore by getting out all by myself.  I have to admit that getting over the top bar was easier that getting down the side to the floor.  I did have to call for help, but my plan worked.  Now I have a big girl bed on the floor and the crib is free for the new baby. 

I have also been practicing my buckling skills, sometimes like 100 times a day.  I put Puppy into the baby swing, the high chair, or stroller and practicing strapping him in correctly and buckling him up.  I am pretty good at it and think I new baby will like it when I strapped him or her in all day long.  Puppy, Monkey, & Minnie also let me practice dressing them, putting on socks & shoes, and wrapping them in blankets.  I also wipe their noses when I have a cold and share my dinner with them. Mommy says sharing and helping out are part of becoming a big sister.  Doesn't that sound fun!?

Love always, 

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