Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another year gone by

It's been a pretty crappy blogging month for me.
Ehh, what's one to do about it.
Moving on....

Yesterday was Jim's birthday.  He is now a youthful thirty-three.  We usually have his family over for a little food, cake, and merriment but he requested an even lower key affair with just Riesling and I.  I think once you're in full adult full time career with a wife, house, and kid one birthday is the same as the next.   I mean that in the best possible way of course.  Jim didn't actually say that but I just kind of inferred it by his request and overall lack of excitement for the occasion.  Maybe he feels so completely different now than last week and didn't want to mention it. He probably just feels achy and stiff because he's old now.

I happen to be a fan of Jim getting older.  I particularly like having someone to age gracefully with. I also happen to be a fan of birthdays.  So, Riesling and I spent the day making him a special carrot cake, a birthday card and decorating the kitchen table while he was off working like a dog.

We made a birthday dinner complete with special vegan pizzas with Daddy's favorite spices and topped with crispy roasted kale (I think I'll post that recipe tomorrow) followed by a bit of singing, wish making, cake chowing, and gifts.

Hope it was a great day Jim!  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

11 months.

 Somehow my little baby is eleven months old.

That's right.  Eleven months. As in less than thirty days she will be one year old.  What?!  I honestly don't know where the last year has gone.  She is so much kiddo now and not so much baby. I just love watching her discover new things every day, mastering new skills, and developing her little feisty personality.  But, I do miss those brief days when I could snuggling her up in one arm like a little football while she napped and I read Charlotte's Web.  Happy and sad all mixed up in one.

I did manage to get a few shots, but it's extremely difficult to get a good pictures of her at this stage of the game.  This little lady is on the move.....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recipes & Pinterest

I get on kicks every few months where all I want to do is try new recipes.  I guess maybe it's more like I get in ruts and start cooking the same stuff week after week which eventually leads to me desperately needing to try something different.  Either way, the kitchen has been in full go lately. I've been leafing through old cookbooks and hitting up Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and tried out a few things we really loved (and some that were just Ok).

Crockpot Black Beans and Rice for an easy vegan taco night (I used basmiti rice and added 1/2 more broth).  We used gluten free corn tortillas and topped it with avocado and salsa.  I was really wishing for a hint of lime and cilantro.  A definite for next time.  Also would be great for a side dish.

Beet Hashbrowns.  I saw this one in a magazine and was so psyched to try it.  Overall it was just Ok.  It was a lot of prep and took a lot longer to cook than the recipe indicated.  I also had trouble getting the whites to set in the eggs.  I actually think it would have been better without the eggs.

Kale Salad.  This was super easy and so delicious.  Jim and I both love kale and I love finding new ways to eat it raw.  I didn't have (and couldn't find) currants so I used dried cranberries.  Other wise I pretty much followed the recipe.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.  The one thing Jim occasional craves since adopting a vegetarian diet is wings.  This recipe did the trick for him.  I used Bob's Red Mills all purpose gluten free flour and Sriracha hot sauce, which my brother introduced me to.  So so good!  We will definitely be making these again real soon.

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Drunken Sailor

Riesling has been standing & "cruising" around for a long time and just before Christmas she started taking some solo steps.  Then she entered my least favorite stage so far, what I like to call the drunken sailor.  First off, she gained the strength and confidence to stand straight up from sitting in the middle of the floor.  Before she needed the assistance of a chair, couch, wall, etc.  So she would crawl over to whatever she thought best, pull herself up, then attempt to take a few steps away from the object.  This wasn't so bad because I could see her in motion toward the couch or chair and have time to prep myself for the walking which always resulted in falling.  Once she started standing straight up it was all over.  Up she goes followed by 10-12 wobbling steps in ANY direction, ending in either with a heavy smash onto her bum or mostly forward.  She seemed to know that she couldn't make it very far and was always reaching for a place to land, which meant that she was slightly leaning forward.  It also meant that she was reaching for places to land that were not great options, like hard pieces of wooden furniture, unsteady baskets that won't hold her wait, the dog, my leg.  Not only was she walking around all crazy, she wanted to do nothing else.  

I couldn't get a single thing down during this phase.  I could barely pour a cup of coffee or take a pee.  I felt like one nano second away from her would result in direct head trauma. Of course the stage passed by rather quickly (as do all things with babies) and she is doing some serious walking now.  Today was by far her best day.  She's still a little unsteady but we've definitely turned the corner.  She can slow down, stop, pick up a toy, stand back up and start moving again without falling.  It's so darn cute (and exhausting!).  It's hard to believe that her birthday is just over a month away.

Monday, January 14, 2013


"You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

~C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Angel

We were greeted in Ohio by my warm loving family...and 20 degree temperatures and lots of fresh snow.  Jim and I decided to ring in Riesling first New Year with a little tutorial on on the fun things you can do in the snow.

First, we explained how to properly prepare yourself for the conditions.  This involves putting on a lot of crazy snow gear.  There's the layering, the zipping, the hats, gloves, & boots.  And of course it takes forever and by the time you're done you're sweating and just can't wait to jump into a chilly snow bank.

Riesling of course hated her snowsuit (she looked so darn cute!).  I think mostly she just hated that she couldn't move around very easily.  But she was a champ and allowed us to proceed with the antics.  Once outside Jim decided a little taste test was the first order of business.  We made sure to warn her against any areas with a yellowish tint.

We moved on to the classic snow angel.  I'm not sure that Riesling was impressed with the process but she seemed to like the end result.

 Next up was some general playful frolic. I'm sure as she gets older this will involve a little more racing around and snowball throwing, but for her first time she decided to go with some good old fashion crawling and worm like activity.  She seemed to be having actual fun at this point.

 Frolic led nicely into making a snowman. 

This lead to more eating of the snow, followed by crying because she wanted to walk but couldn't manage it in the snowsuit and within 10 minutes we were back indoors explaining the magic of hot chocolate.  So so much fun ahead little angel.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letters from Riesling

Dear Friends & Family,

I survived my first Holiday season. What a whirlwind!  There were some things I really thought were fun.  Like going to parties to hang out with a lot of people and ripping up a bunch of paper.  We even had a party here at our house, where I got to have friends in my new basement playroom and showed them all my fun toys.  We also went to Ohio to see my cousins.  It was so fun playing with all the big kids and I got to build a snowman!  

I didn't like how noisy some places were.  I find it distracting and hard to eat in peace with a lot of people and commotion going on. My mommy did her best to find the quietest spots available but it wasn't always the best or most comfortable places.  I also had to have my diaper changed on the floor a lot.  I could do without that whole experience.

All in all I thought Christmas was pretty awesome.  But, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing week at home.  Aside from going to work, Mommy and I are just planning on staying close to home, enjoying my new toys, and maybe taking a few extra naps. 

Love always,

Monday, January 7, 2013


"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."


Robinson Family Holidays. I Spy Edition.

I Spy...

A paisley print reindeer. A first taste of snow.
And cousins with their cute matching bows.

Snowflakes that glisten. Grandma's gifts galore.
Please help, I just can't unwrap anymore. 

These were hung with great care. Some time with Papa and Me
This awesome Daddy is as tall as a tree.

A red travel companion. A train that is "green"
And a snowboarders scar that can barely be seen.

There is sisterly love and an unsteady gait
And a little one who just can't wait for her first date.

Don't forget a soft new bunny, a hectic Aunt Jenn
And Riesling with the James G. Robinson men.

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