Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Home Update

What a productive weekend!! We finally got our Christmas tree up and loaded up the house with festive, sparkling decorations. Better late than never I suppose. Jim even let me listen to Christmas music ALL day yesterday. I also finished the wreaths for the front doors and made a little swag and pretty bow for under the front porch light.

I forced Jim into a little photo shoot in front of the house using the tripod and my new camera. I had all the best of intentions of using one of the pictures for our Christmas card and including our new address.

It was nice idea that just didn't work out. First of all, I'm not really in love with any of the pictures. There are obvious issues with the glass screen doors, which I expected, plus some additional problems because of where the sun was by the time we were able to get outside. I did pick out a few that were acceptable (see above and below) but the dimensions didn't work with any of the online photo card sites. I got too frustrated and just gave up. At least we have a few nice pics of us as happy new home owners.

Presents also got wrapped and only stocking stuffers and one hostess gift left on my list. The only holiday related task still left is baking some cookies. I had intended to get around to baking yesterday, but it just didn't happen...probably for the best.

With all the holiday parties and snacks at work, I've been getting a little lazy with my gluten free diet. I thought I felt better with limited gluten in my diet. But, last week I totally paid the price after splurging with garlic rolls, eggplant parm, and a huge pile of pasta at the neighborhood get-together last week, so I'm trying to get back on track. I am planning to make some holiday treats this week, but have included some gluten free items in the mix to keep my belly happy.

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Kim said...

Tripod photos are the best and I think yours turned out nice. That is actually how I've done my family's Christmas card photo for the past two years! (the kids think it's funny to watch Jared or I scramble to get back in the picture after setting the timer...) :)