Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday is the new Friday... least for me it is. I'm heading off to Ohio tomorrow for a long weekend and boy do I need it! This has been the longest short week ever. I'm still recovering from the weekend war of the doors that not only had us up in the middle of the night to apply a 2nd & 3rd coat of paint, but rolled right into my Monday night forcing me up way past my bedtime.

No sleep=grumpy Rachelle.
No one likes grumpy Rachelle.
Except for maybe the Folgers.
Because I've consumed about 10 gallons of coffee at work this week.
And you know I'm tired if I'm drinking Folgers anyways.

I even missed my morning workout yesterday. gast! Next thing you know I'm heading down the slipery slope from Thanksgiving right through New Year's and starting 2011 with an extra holiday 15lb gut.

Does it seem like I skipped right over Thanksgiving? Well, that's because Thanksgiving pretty much just skipped right over me. The day started with a little baking & green bean casserole preparation, followed by leaf raking until we basically got snowed out, then we hopped over the bridge to in-laws for dinner, aunts for dessert, then back home to get ready for work on Friday. You heard me, work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Truly sinful.

Guess I should have just titled this post Wednesday is for whiners.