Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Story About Doors

Way back in May.
When the sun was shining.
And Jim and I were energetic.
The front doors looked liked this.

Then the hot humid days of summer came.
And several weekends were dedicated.
New screen doors were installed.
And the front doors looked like this.

As the dead of summer set in.
Jim and I lost are minds.
And started this mess.

And for many months.

The front doors look like this.

And as winter started to creep in.
Bringing along a bitter cold draft.
We were left with no choice.
But to endure the weekend War of the Doors.
And and many days following.
Are front doors look like this!!


Kim said...

Beautiful Rachelle! The color looks great with the black screen doors and the surrounding stone. :)

Rachelle said...

Thanks Kim! I think they turned out really nice and it was a pretty dramatic change. The doors really pop out coming down our street. I love it...and can't wait for spring to get some flowers planted.