Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ladies night

I went to the 14th annual Penncrest neighborhood ladies Christmas party last night. It was really the sweetest thing. All the ladies in the neighborhood have been getting together for over a decade. It makes me love our house that much more.

There are lots of older ladies and it made me remanisent of gatherings with my mom's family at this time of year. She was the youngest of six and a bit of an accident. I grew up with aunts old enough to be grandmothers, cousins old enough to be aunts, and second cousins as playmates. Every Christmas the sister would have a little gathering at my aunt Mary Ann's house. They were a funny bunch of ladies. Because of the age difference, my mother was the only one left with young kids so we were typically the only kids surrounding my a swarm of giggles and laughter in the kitchen from the women and man chatter about work, gardening, and hobbies in the living room from all the husbands. I suppose at the time I probably resisting going, but I look back on those little afternoon gatherings with fondness. And sitting amongst the sparkling Christmas brooches, embroidered poinsetta sweaters, and fresh pin curled hair dos last night just made me love those days even more.

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