Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rump Roast

I spend my early mornings squatting, lunging, squeezing, and stretching my way to a perfectly sculpted buttock. My efforts have left with me with a toned (at least more toned) but significant less insultated booty. Seriously. I'm shivering just thinking about the walk thru the parking lot in my dress trousers or night walks with Jim and Sofee dog.

I have a really warm ski jacket that Jim got me for Christmas last year, but it stops at the waist. So my top half is toasty warm and thanks to good winter socks, boots, gloves, a scarf, and hat most of my body also fairs pretty well. But, my little hiney gets so freakin' cold! So, I've had my eye on the winter clearance sales for a 3/4 length winter coat to double for dress or casual. And luck would have, I finally stumbled upon a steal of a deal at Land End's Canvas on this beautifuldown coat.

It's super warm without being bulky; the hood easily fits over my favorite hat; and I can easily wear it for casual or dress. Because it was a clearance item color choice was limited in my size. I was/am a little concerned about the cream color getting dirty easily, but the fabric is water resistant and easily wipeable. And most of all the price was right.

Regular price $140.
My sale price $49!!
AND free shipping.
Makes for one happy lil caboose.

How many words can I use to describe my ass in one post...backside, fanney, tush, gluts....

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