Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Twenty Eleven

After a lazy New Year's Eve, Jim and spent the first day of 2011 enjoying an unusual break in the weather.

Sun, I love you.
Please come back to visit soon.
See. Happy face 'Chelle.

We spent the morning walking with Sofee dog at a really nice park near our house. Sofee had a grand 'ole time running, playing frisbee, and attempting to eat every pile of duck poop in site.

Then give me sweet Sofee dog kisses.

Dog lovers & owners, you understand.

Everyone else, don't judge me.

Or just do so quietly so I can't hear.

Jim aka Mr. Nature played around with the new camera and decided we needed to invest in a super zoom lense so we can get better bird and animal photos.

It's actually weird that there are birds at this park at all because there are about 500 cats lurking around in the brush, getting busy and mass producing future generations of wild felines who will eventually evolve into crazy, man eating predators.

It's seriously a problem.
Some strange cat people actually set up these little cat villages in the middle of thorn bushes.
I was a little nervous taking pictures.
Doesn't that big Papa cat look like he's ready to pounce on me and scratch my eyes out?

After surviving passage thru cat village, we ventured into the city to the Cleopatra exhibit at the Franklin institute. It was a great afternoon and evening for the city, even though the exhibit was a bit disappointing. We had discounted passes thru Groupon, so we only paid $8, but I would've actually been very disappointed and hungry if we'd paid full price ($30).

We used our savings to enjoy an early dinner and drinks at the Belgian Cafe, which not only had over 200 beer choices but 2 were gluten free!

Cleopatra exhibit. Not recommend.
But it doesn't matter because last weekend was the final showing.
Belgian Cafe. Recommended.
And with so many choices,
Walking or designated driver also recommend.


Liz said...

my dogs also LOVE to eat poop...preferably deer poop then kiss i totally understand!

Rachelle said...

Deer poop is like heroin for Sofee dog. She's seriously losing her mind and just completely ignores the fact that I exist. haha