Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spirit of the Irish

Ok. I didn't really start my day with green beer and sparkling beads. I actually wore a lovely polyester scoop neck blouse, cream cardigan, and a handmade brooch that Jim bought me for Christmas.
Being a doctor is serious business.

I spent the morning soliciting myself to other professionals, attempting to convince them that I am not a crazy witch doctor. I am in fact an educated, well trained, and licensed healthcare provider. Breaking through that barrier of misconception is the worst thing about my profession. I hate it. It forces me out of my comfort zone. But, I'm determined to educate the community and change our current healthcare system, so I do it anyways. The weather was beautiful and, with one exception, everyone was actually extremely nice making for a somewhat enjoyable experience.

Driving around with my window down, soaking in the spirit of the Irish reminded me of my trip to Dublin nearly a decade ago....

I really loved visiting Ireland. I felt like it was just as I imagined. Jolly Irishmen hanging out in bars all day long and into the night with only one law enforcement officer in the entire bar district just hanging out on a corner as people roamed the streets signing and dancing.

The countryside is green, green rolling hills, filled with flocks of sheep, castles, and random waterfalls...

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