Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Now that the kitchen, dining room, and living room areas are functional and under control, it's time to move upstairs. We took a little break over the holidays and were slow getting back in the swing of things in January, but in February we managed to get the office/guest room done (pictures to come) and have moved onto the master bath. Somehow I managed to take no pictures before the destruction started. Just imagine everything in this pink tile....

Personally, I hated this bathroom from day one. It's on the smaller side, which I don't really mind so much but the the whole bathroom was just kind of dark and dingy. The lighting was poor and the layout seemed a bit awkward.

The door from the bedroom opened into the bathroom completely blocking the shower. The first day we were in the house we actually couldn't find the shower. Jim and I were going crazy thinking..."How did we miss the fact that there's not a second shower. I could have sworn the listing was for 2 1/2 baths??"

Silly shower hiding behind the door.

old pink shower minus glass shower door

I've never actually used the shower (we found out it leaked into the basement) and was a little creeped out just cleaning it when we first moved in.

After a little demo work (two weekends worth) we discovered that the previous owners had really lowered the ceiling of the shower and closed in the sides. I think they were hobbits. So our new shower will be much more suitable for the vertically blessed Robinson family.

And I solved the door issues by having a pocket door frame installed by our contractor, George. So no more hidden shower and it eliminates any risk of getting slammed in the ass with the door while standing at the vanity.

Because it's a bit of a messy project and who knows how long it will take to finish, we vacated the master bedroom and are snuggled up in the middle bedroom. Which also gives us a chance to patch up a few things and paint the master bedroom without worrying about the mess.

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Liz said...

seeing all your projects makes me want to totally redo our house!