Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When did that happen?

I'm feeling old lately. I was trying to blame it on winter, but I think it might be that I'm actually old. My gray hairs are multiplying by the day it seems; I never get carded even when I hit the wine store in my baseball hat or random T-shirts that are probably inappropriate for my age; patients rarely comment on me looking too young to be a doctor, which was a serious and annoying epidemic for my first few years in practice; and I think I'm just looking a bit aged in all the recent photos of me. It's like baam!!! One day you just wake up, starring in the mirror, thinking "When did this happen?"

In the end it I know it doesn't really matter. Not to mention that I'm just happy to be given another day to enjoy. I really do have a great life. And, I have to remember that it's all relative. My 7 year old nephew has probably always thought of me as old; my friends in their 40s and 50s are just glaring at me, calling me a young pup, and thinking about being 30; and my dad...well my dad probably thinks I'm getting old too, but he's an extremely honest man and known for pointing out imperfections. He also gave me a pep talk when I was 21 about not waiting too long to settle down with a good man and start a family. I think I'm a bit behind schedule.

Anyways...for now I've committed to the gray hairs at least through the summer. Mostly because the thought of dealing with dying my hair is more painful than the thought of starring at a replicating number of gray strands, but I also know that the sun lightens my hair a bit and think that might help disguise it for a little while. Then maybe I'll have one of those super sweet silver streaks

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Kim said...

Jared and I just had this conversation recently after we stumbled across a picture of us when we were dating. We both commented on how young we look in the picture (and I guess we were, I was just shy of 23 when we got married!) Anyway, I feel your pain. No gray hairs yet, but the look of youth is definitely fading fast! :)