Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battery operated

It's Hurricane Irene madness around these parts. Of course I'm hoping it turns out to be more media hype than actual huge problematic, damaging storm but we did take a few necessary precautions just in case. We decided to stick with basics; extra water in the fridge; easy access to the flashlights and candles; and most importantly some outdoor wind proofing by moving all our patio furniture to the screen porch, trash cans and flower pots to the garage, and parking my car not under a big tree.

I do agree in cases like this it's better to be safe than sorry and everyone should be a least a little prepared. But what is the freakin' obsession with batteries?! People just can't stop talking about it for DAYS now. It's all over the radio and local news stations this morning where you can still buy batteries. I do understand that there's a chance we may lose power, but come on people!

We do live in the northeast.
Where there are major blizzards and ice storms that cause major power outages in the middle of the the freezing cold winter.
When we only have like 3 hours of daylight each day and subzero temperatures.
And it's freezin' ass cold.
You don't have any flashlights or candles in your house?
Or just can't survive a few nights of darkness after 8pm?
I mean you can go outside and cook on the grill during a summer power outage.
You can go outside without a shovel, snowboots, gloves, and a parka in the summer.

I did not rush out to buy a bulk size package of batteries. I did however swindled a large cup of milk out of the guy at Manhattan bagel in case Jim wants to make me waffles tomorrow morning. You in case we don't lose power.

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