Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ice Cream Special

Walking Sofee dog is daily routine. Three times daily routine in fact.

We have two normal neighborhood routes: short walk and long walk. Jim sleep walks her on the short walk every morning, mid day walk depends on how much time I have, and our evening family walk is always the long walk. On super lucky days and weekends we usually get in a trip to one of our local parks to really tucker her out.

Recently we added in extra special ice cream walk. Ice cream walk is special because we don't do it often and also because it's a little crazy. It involves extending our long neighborhood walk through a weird fence opening, through the retirement home parking lot and some back streets, then finally onto the city sidewalk and crossing over a busy street. It's really only crazy because Sofee dog is crazy.

She just can not contain her excitement for people or food of any sort, so combine the two in an overwhelming environment and she's a maniac. She pulls, tugs and wiggles barely able to keep herself still for a millisecond. We've been down this road one too many times and have learned that large crowds or overexcitement always result in Sofee dog pulling so much that she practically chokes herself and starts hacking and wheezing. It is quite the scene.

So, awhile back I'm tried to implement a harness to protect her poor lil doggie throat and neck and make outings more comfy and fun for everyone. It's turn outs that Sofee dog totally hates the harness. I don't really know why, although she actually does look a little ridiculous. Her body shape is apparently not proportioned properly and even trying several sizes and models, the harness just doesn't fit her exactly right. Jim says she looks like a nerdy dog and knows it.

He laughs and mocks her.
She hangs her head and looks sad.
I try to soothe her.

In the end everyone gets ice cream and an extra special long walk, so I suppose it's all worth it.

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