Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night I spilled bright red cherry water ice on my in-laws white carpet. It was by far my worst moment as a daughter in law.

Saturday was work, hurricane prep, and lots of laundry because having only one pair of clean underwear with the threat of days or weeks with no electricity is just something no girl wants to deal.

Saturday night was rain, CNN coverage of Hurricane Irene causing us to worry endlessly about a tree crushing our house, scurrying around for buckets to catch all the water pouring out of our leaky roof, and some good old fashion ass whoopin' at Yahtzee. Seriously, Jim never beats me. Two weeks ago I rolled double 6's on my final roll of the game to get Yahtzee, beating him by less than 10 points. Poor Jim.

Sunday was waffles, your typical home improvement hi's & lo's, and lots of pick up sticks and yard clean up all accompanied by a very strange version of our dog who insisted on being literally at our heels every single moment. I nicknamed her Shadow for the day.

Next weekend we're Ohio bound, so at least there will be interaction with other people which is bound to be a little more exciting.

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