Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letters from Riesling

Hello Friends & Family,

It's hard to believe that I'm two weeks old today. Boy does time fly. I went to the doctors today and I weighed in at a whooping 9 lbs 4 oz. The nurse was actually quite amazed with my weight gaining abilities and even accused me of supplementing with formula( gasp!) I take it straight from the tap only lady! There's nothing like being milk drunk 8-12 times a day and what's even better is that it's always ready and waiting for me. Thanks Mom, you rock!

I also had my first neighborhood outing with Mom and Sofee dog this afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I passed out in the Moby and pretty much missed the whole thing. When I woke up some neighbor guy was staring at me and adoring my cute round cheeks. Not gonna lie, it freaked me out and I threw and tantrum right then and there. I also needed to poop, so that added fuel to my fire.

I finished the afternoon with some reading, tummy time, and a nap in the swing. What a great day! I hope you had a great day too.

Love always,

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