Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Letters from Riesling

Hello Family & Friends,

The weather here has been so beautiful. My mom has been taking me for walks everyday. A lot of the time I snuggle up in the Moby and take a little nap. Sofee dog likes to walk with us too. She really loves chasing squirrels and jumping for sticks. On Monday we took a long family walk all the way to the library. I got to ride in the stroller and loved all the bouncing and bumps along the way. We stopped for ice cream on the way back, then toured Dad's garden in the yard when we got home. I loved all the time in the fresh air and sunshine. My least favorite time of the day is between 9:30-10 pm. It really makes me crazy and I have to exercise my lung capacity for about an hour before I realize that everything is Ok and then I fall asleep from pure exhaustion.

I'm still growing like crazy and have almost outgrown my 0-3 month onesies, which also means I'm starting to fit into a lot of the cute clothes I received as gifts. My favorite so far are the monkey Pj's from my cousin Elli. I'm starting to hold up my own head more and more each day as well. It's really a lot of work, so I have to take a lot of naps and eat often. It makes for a good life.

Love always,


Sue Galeone said...

Love that picture! Glad things are going well :)

Mrs. Robinson said...

Thank Sue! I love, love, love this picture too. It's the first one where she really looks like she knows I'm taking her picture...even though I'm sure she doesn't :)