Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Fever

I'm back in my old jeans know the kind with a zipper. The first trip to the bathroom was a bit confusing. After months of elastic waistbands, I almost forgot how that old button and zipper thing worked. I was dressed and even had my hair brushed before 8am, so the rest of the day I've been snuggling up with my lil Riese, reading our collection of Golden Books, and chipping away at my "To Do" list.

I decided to make a list for the week rather than the day. Newborn seem to be too unpredictable to set any strict deadline to things. Plus, who needs to stress about whether or not I finished the thank you cards or tax preparation today instead of tomorrow? Not this girl. I know this sweet little thing will be chasing boys and arguing with me about skirt lengths in no time, so I plan to sit back, relax, & enjoy every this stage as much as I possibly can.

I'm can't wait until we're able to get outside and enjoy some time walking around the neighborhood, into town to the library and coffee shop, and out to the park & hiking with Sofee dog. We think we all have a bit of spring fever in our house. I spent a few minutes getting inspiration for spring decor on Pinterst. I'm thinking about a collection of these paper pinwheels in a spring variety in vases of varying heights on my buffet and maybe a batch of terracotta pots covered in bright green moss for the kitchen table.....

Are you ready for Spring? Have you taken down all your winter snowmen and holly berry?

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