Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mad Men

Are you watching Mad Men this season?  Such a stupid question, of course you are.  It's such a great show and this season is no exception so far.  Although I will say that I thought the two hour premiere last month was a little slow.  But, in some ways that's what I expect from the show.  It's not your typical one hour show with a single highly dramatized issues that climaxes 40 minutes in and resolves itself in cloud of happiness by the closing credits.  I sometimes feel like you're drawn in by the mystical powers of Mad Men without even really knowing why you like it.  Damn you Don Draper!  I did read some reviews pointing out that there are some really serious historical issues happening in the time period that the writers have to tackle this season and sexist humor just might not cut it.   For now they seem to be focusing on Peggy becoming Don and Roger tripping on LSD...which was awesome!

We're also obsessed with Game of Thrones.  After a patient's recommendation we decided to check out season one on Netflix.  It's the perfect mix of sci-fi & historical drama.  Jim and I both enjoyed it from the first episode (even though we did have a little trouble getting use to the accents and keeping track of the characters).  It's really worth checking out, but be prepared to wait awhile for Season 2 unless you have HBO.

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