Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Did the Easter bunny stop by your house?
Are you heading out to for special church services?
Have you already consumed way too many jellybeans and chocolate treats?

We're heading across the bridge to New Jersey for an afternoon with Jim's family. A few years ago I made an amazing sweet potato dish that everyone loved. But, it's a lot of work so I decided on an easier recipe for butternut squash. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Even though Riesling doesn't have a clue what's going on, I decided it just didn't seem right not to get her an Easter basket this year. It's not much but I got her a fun little chicken garden/lawn ornament and a wind twirler and tossed in a few fake eggs to spruce it up.

I seem to have a lot of fond memories of Easter growing up: getting dressed up for church, spending time with family outdoors, brightly colored eggs, sidewalk chalk and new jump ropes. It was also the last holiday I spent with my mom and coloring eggs was one of our last activities together. I remember she was so, so excited about the beautiful bright colors, just like a little kid would be. I can't wait to make it a tradition for our family.

I read this little summary of how a lot of Easter traditions started, from bonnets to chocolates to egg filled baskets. "Eggs have long been associated with birth and fertility. Their abundance at Easter symbolizes the renewal of both a religious savior and the natural world. In addition, several Christian sects used to forbid (and some still do) eating eggs during Lent. After spending over a month egg-free, observers celebrated by eating the no-longer-forbidden food." I also found the bit about bunnies to be interesting. Apparently the white hare started as folklore and was brought to Pennsylvania in the 18th by Germans settlers. And by the way Jim, hot cross buns are a real thing.....

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