Saturday, July 28, 2012

Letters from Riesling

Hello Friends & Family,

Sofee dog has trying to help me with my crawling skills.  Although sometimes it seems like she's just trying to get away from me, which I don't understand because I just want to be her friends.  She has such soft ears for me to grab, trying to catch her tail is such a fun game,  and I only tried to put her paw in my mouth once.  That is before Mommy stopped me.  "Not for Riesling."  That's the new thing she says to me.  What does that even mean, not for Riesling?  How is some stuff not for me?  Why is some stuff ok for mommy though?  I mean sometimes she's putting it right up to her own mouth, which is exactly what I want to do.  She sometimes throws in "Hot!" just to confuse me even further.  I guess it's just a crazy mixed up world out there.  

Love always, 

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