Saturday, July 28, 2012

Make your own ice tea

I've been experimenting with making my own ice teas.  Basically I just make hot tea then put it in the fridge.  Not exactly rocket science but I have been trying out a few different preparation methods and this is what I've decided works best for me:  add 2 tea bags to a mason jar, fill with hot water (I use a tea kettle to heat the water), let cool until able to touch the jar, then screw on lid and cool in fridge over night.

I like this method for a few reasons.  The mason jars take up less space in the fridge than making a larger pitcher; I can make more than one variety of tea at a time; and when you're ready for a glass you can spruce it up to your liking.  By doubling up the tea bags you can get 2 servings per jar by pouring the desired amount to a new glass filled with ice and your desired garnishments.  So far I've been going with 3 different varieties:

Green Tea
We always have a few different varieties of green tea on hand.  I either add lemon and some fresh mint from the garden or add this to a protein smoothie (half the water I usually use & half green tea) with frozen bananas, almond butter, and flax oil.

Nursing Support Tea
I started drinking a cup of the this in every afternoon when Riesling was around 3 months but the habit tapered off as the weather heated up.  I just couldn't stand a hot beverage in the middle of the day.  It has a bit of a floral taste and I usually just drink it over ice.  Some times I add a squeeze of lemon if I have it on hand.  It's also nice because this is obviously only something I drink so I like the space saving aspect of the jars.

Chai Spice Tea
Mix with almond milk and a touch of sweetener (I used agave nectar but sugar or even sweetened almond milk would work as well).  If you love ice chai lattes you have to give this a try!  I made a pitcher of this and brought it to a dinner with a friend who is a chai lover and it was a big hit.  

Cool, refreshing & homemade.


Liz said...

thanks for the link to the nursing support tea! i have heard about tea and pills to help, and now that i am back at work i wanted to try something.

Mrs. Robinson said...

If you're having trouble with low production now that you're pumping a lot you can also try Fenugreek.