Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Foods

A little follow up to starting "solid" foods with Riesling for any interested readers....

  • I either nurse her or the babysitter gives her a bottle first, then she is offered food.  At first she was taking a few sloppy spoonfuls or even snubbing her nose at the bananas all together.  But, not to worry because it's not about getting her belly full or providing essential nourishment at this point, that's what the "liquid gold" is for.   
  • I finally purchased some appropriate baby feeding supplies.  I bought a few different types of spoons (option 1, option 2),  some small storage containers, plus some plastic bowls (which I don't think I'll use for a few months but they were on sale).
  • I also started forcing her to keep a bib on.  Apparently banana stains?  I got a few of these as gifts and they seem to be working well and easy to wipe clean.
  • I've been using our Magic Bullet which is working for us at this point since I'm making such small portions. I will probably switch over to the food processor when I start steaming veggies and cooking stuff so I can make larger patches and freeze some.  I also stopped mixing in breast milk with the bananas and she seems to prefer it. 
  • A lot of folks follow the 4 day wait rule, which means you offer one new food at a time and wait 4 days before introducing another.  Our pediatrician said we could extend the period to 5-6 days since I was concerned about food allergies.  I waited 5, which means we started avocados this morning and she LOVED it!  I offered her just banana first which she tolerated but with little enthusiasm.  Then I mixed in the avocado and she went crazy.  It was pretty darn cute.
  • I also started her on a probiotic.  I purchase it from my acupuncturist but I'm sure you can find one at your local health food store.

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