Sunday, September 23, 2012

Letters from Riesling

Dear Friends & Family,

Every day there seems to be something new to discover.   Now that I can sit up, crawl and given the circumstances,  pull myself up to standing playtime seems to be filled with endless possibilities.  I can cruise around at will, gathering all my favorite toys or new ones I have yet to discover.   I have also been figuring out some interesting things about these toys.   If I bang two of them together they make banging sound, but depending on which two toys I choice the sound is quite different.  Why is the sound deeper or louder?  Some things makes a jingling noise when I shake them but other things don't.  There must be a reasonable explanation for this, but since I have yet to determine the jingling factor I usually just test each one out.  Some thing are just best as for some good old fashion chewing.  Why do those wood blocks test so much better than the plastic ones? 

So many questions I have yet to find the answers to. Some times I can barely tear myself away from all the fun and excitement of my scientific studies.  I often am so overcome with fatigue that my legs are wobbling and cause we to fall over and become clumsy.  Mommy says this means it's time to lay down and relax.  I think not!  One must persevere.  I would venture to guess that great scientist and explorers of the past did not take time for a morning nap.  As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, "There will be sleeping enough in the grave."

Love always, 

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