Friday, November 30, 2012

9 months

I had Riesling in for her 9 month check up earlier this week.  She weighed in at a whooping 22 lbs 7 oz (95 percentile) and 30 inches long (95+ percentile).  I'm getting some serious guns lugging her butt around! She was given a perfect bill of health and even got her finger pricked for blood (for iron and lead levels) without a whimper.

We've reached a new kind of exhaustion.  It's not so much lack of sleep now, just lack of energy to keep up with her.  I can barely guzzle down a cup of coffee without her getting into something.  Somehow strapping her into the highchair or putting her in the pack n play doesn't completely contain her.  She's just really curious about EVERYTHING (including the safety straps of the highchair and how far she can reach out of the pack n play). 

When she gets her mind set on something there's no stopping her (without tears at least).  She's such a brave little girl too.  Maybe all kids are that way but she just seems to have a little extra explorer in her.  Jim and I both try to let her act out her curiousity, within safety's limits of course.  Sometimes it's hard to know how far to let her go and she has gotten a few bumps and bruises but nothing close to serious so I guess we're doing Ok.  I know it will get even harder when she starts walking.

She's developing the sweetest little personality.  She's such a happy kid and just loves to be around people.  She really lights up when she see a familiar face and does this coy little shy thing with strangers followed by a quirky grin.  She loves bearded men the most.

I think Sofee dog is still her favorite.  I actually thought she might get tired of her after awhile but it seems that she actually loves her more each day.  We're working on which toys are Sofee vs. Riesling's with a little bit of success.  She seems to comprehend that they belong to Sofee and actually tries to give it to Sofee (usually after repetitive instruction from Mom or Dad) by shoving the bone or toy in/near Sofee's mouth.  This scares Sofee and causes her to run away and hide.  She usually hops up on the bed to hide but Riesling is quickly at her heals pulling at the comforter in and effort to scale up and be next to her.  With assistance she is hoisted onto the bed, causing Sofee to flee back to the floor.  Guess where Riesling wants to go?  This is my day people, this is my day. 

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Liz said...

Katelyn also loves our dogs SOOO much. She laughs and wants to play with them so bad. They usually run away from her though too. Maybe someday!