Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 22

Tomorrow is a big day in these parts.  Of course we'll be giving thanks and stuffing our bellies at Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of America, but in addition Jim and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary AND it happens to be Miss Riesling 9 month birthday. 

As far as our anniversary, no cards or gifts have been agreed upon.  Just endless amounts of love, gratitude, and respect (Aawww).  Our first anniversary we took a weekend trip to NYC knowing it wouldn't be a yearly thing.  I'm happy to do something small and meaningful each year (and maybe hit up Hawaii on one of the big ones!) We are planning a family hike and picnic at the park surrounding the restaurant where we were married later in the weekend, weather permitting. Past anniversaries:

Riesling is so close to walking.  She even took 2 steps by herself yesterday before tumbling forward on her knees.  Although I doubt it will happen, a 9 month birthday does sound like the perfect time to become a biped. She's become more and more kid & less and less baby.  There is so much I love about each new stage and she keeps me too busy to miss any of the stuff that is already part of her little past. 

 Just lounging with a little after dinner drink

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