Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!

 Sofee dog is the ripe old age of seven today.  It's hard to believe it's been nearly seven years since we scooped her up from the shelter and brought her home to a house full of love.

 Baby Sofee & young hippie tye dye wearing Jim

I think she might be having some kind of mid life crisis.  She's often gloomy and has sad ears.  Riesling and I do are best to cheer her up but she wants little to do with either of us. Poor girl has had a tough time transitioning to having a baby around.

Sofee has always been a bit neurotic and losing the center of attention has only made it worse.  She is never aggressive but wants little to do with Riesling on most days.  But little Miss Riesling wants everything to do with her!  She LOVES Sofee dog so so much and wants her to be her bestest friend.  She loves chasing her around and patting her head, sticking her fingers in her nose, snuggling up on her back.

hmmm I wonder why Sofee avoids her?!

She is learning to not to take Sofee's toys and jam them in her mouth and has made several attempts at throwing her rope toy in hopes of Sofee chasing it.  I consider "doggie" (DAW-e) to be her first word (although Jim would probably disagree claiming that the random Da Da Da sounds where in fact "daddy").  Today in honor of the special day she even picked out her special Sofee dog sweatshirt to wear. 

I hope that Sofee had a good birthday despite having to spend it with her best worst enemy.  Even when she is reserved and even a little timid I know that she is secretly watching out for Riesling.  She often just hangs out in whatever room we are in and when guests come over she sticks close by her little sister just in case.  I really love that Riesling is exposed to a doggie friend early and hope that they eventually grow up to be best friends. 

Happy Birthday Sofee dog!!!!!


Becca said...

great post and pics (gotta love puppies and babies!) I am about to do a birthday pup post of my own. dogs just add so much love to the family! :)

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Sofee!