Sunday, November 4, 2012

A little catching up

Last year it was snow, this year a hurricane.  I'm seriously considering changing my birthday!  We got most of the celebrating in before hand so by the time Monday rolled around it didn't really feel like my birthday anyways.

Saturday 10.27.12

Riesling and I went to work while Daddy did some birthday shopping and errands. In the afternoon I made a quick run to the grocery store for a few Hurricane Sandy supplies then we walked down to our local Harvest Day, where we picked up some fresh local grown beets, goat cheese from another local-ish farm, and a homemade treat for Sofee dog.

Langhorne Harvest Day with my little Black Kitty

Per my request we all got cleaned up and fancy for an earlier dinner reservation at the Blue Sage.  It's a wonderful vegetarian restaurant but the food is so diverse and creative even a non vegetarian doesn't miss the meat.  Dining with Riesling is an interesting adventure but she always does better than I expect. We tried really hard to get a family picture but non of them came out very good.  But I do love this one of Riesling and her Da-Da

Sunday 10.28.12

The Robinson crewed joined us for a little lunch and birthday cake.  I made a batch of roasted acorn squash soup, put it in the crockpot and made a little tray of cheese (including our goat cheese purchase) & crackers and called it a day.  Jim is always in charge of my birthday cake (no matter how many woman family members offer to get him out of it) and he made a delicious gluten free pumpkin spice cake with homemade pumpkin cream cheese frosting and candy corn.  Since it's the one time of year he does any baking, he likes me to stay close by the kitchen in case he has any questions but would definitely be fine without me.

Monday 10.29.12

Jim was off work because of the approaching Hurricane, so it was a little bit of a bonus to spend my actual birthday as a family.  We spent the morning and early afternoon prepping the house for the heavy winds & using as much electricity as possible.  I got all the laundry and dishes done and tried to cook up stuff that was in the fridge and forced us to eat leftovers for lunch.  The day ended with no power and scary hurricane wind & rain.

We ended up being without power until last night.  Five days without electricity is a wee bit inconvenient with a little babe but I can't even think about complaining.  I know that Sandy destroyed and damaged a lot of homes and there are still so many people suffering through the devastation. Our house is completely unharmed even though 4 huge pine trees were uprooted from the property behind our house into the only empty field in the neighborhood.  Friends, family, and neighbors were all so generous.  I was particularly warmed by the support of our neighbors. Part of the neighborhood got their electricity back within 24hrs and without a second thought they opened up their homes for us to shower and stay overnight when the temperatures dropped; prepared meals and invited us and other families in for coffee or a hot dinner; set up generators for families with elderly or small children; and one guy even ran multiple extension cords across the street so we could plug in our fridge.  I love knowing that we are raising a family amongst people that care.

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