Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring gardening

Farmer Jim has been hard at working preparing for Spring planting.  He upgraded to a larger grow light hung from the ceiling in our laundry room (last year he used a small old fish tank light and some rigged up set up on buckets or something) and from what I can gather, is trying some different fertilizing methods.  He's also giving a try at starting some larger plants from seed, like tomatoes and squash instead of buying them from our local garden center.  After Riesling is is in bed he heads down to his little work bench, puts on some soft tunes, and gets his garden on. Seriously sh*t is start to get crazy over here...

 That big guy in the back is a fig tree.  We bought it last year at our local orchard.  It was looking mighty sad at the end of last year, pretty much it looked dead.  Jim and I both thought it might not make it through the winter but it made a killer comeback and is thriving now. 

Honestly, i lost track of everything but i know there is plenty of kale, swiss chard, spinach and few varieties of squash? not to mention the tons of lettuce. I think we're almost ready for salad?

Its my daytime job to transport certain trays outside to the mini greenhouse when the temperature is warm enough. I have found this to be easiest during Riesling's nap. Once everything is in the ground i think it will be easier to incorporate her in the gardening tasks. I know she is going to be all about it. Even last summer she was trying to pick her own peas.

I can't wait for garden fresh dinners all week long. For now I will jut have to enjoy he process and these adorable little baby bok choy. They are my favorite right now.

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