Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Bug

When my dad was visiting last month for Riesling birthday he started calling her "Love Bug."  It's really the perfect fit for her little personality right now.  She is particularly into giving hugs.  She will just stop in the middle of playing or reading a book and give reach in for a hug.  She makes this cute little awww noise and tilts her head and chin to the side.  It's the cutest thing pretty much ever.  She will then just continue on with whatever she was doing and stop a few minutes later for another hug.

She loves snuggling up in your lap, even for a brief second, but it's like the happiest second of her life.  She grins and looks so pleased.  It's funny to watch her try to back up to sit down on your lap, and even funnier when she doesn't judge it quite right and misses.

She is also big on hugging all her toys, books, stuffed animals, pieces of name it, she'll hug it.  Also ridiculously adorable. Her newest thing is leg hugs.  These seem to be particularly prevalent after she has been away from you for an extended period of time.  Extended periods of time in a baby world is amount 10 minutes. I'm telling you this kid is all about showing her affection and making sure those around her feel the love.

This apparently she is also means other children, even those whom she has never meant before.  While we were visited our dear friends, The Levin family, a few weekends back she was all about their son Jacob.  He's a stunningly handsome 5 year old so I thought she was just all about the older boy thing.  She wanted to hug him any chance she got.  Well today I took Riesling to a story time at our local Barnes & Noble for the first time.  She must have hugged a dozen babies, toddler, and preschoolers.  She's so sweet about it but the kids seem to be caught off guard and don't know how to react.  Most just give this weird glare over their shoulder trying to see if their mom is around to save them.  Only one little baby cried.  Oh little Love Bug what am I going to do with you?

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