Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random thoughts for a Tuesday

I can't decide what hurts more: winter thumb cuts or ear pimples.

We were dog free for a few days.  Without my little Sofee vacuum around I realized how much food I actually drop on the floor in a day.

I'm scheduled for a much needed haircut tomorrow.  I'm thinking bangs but I might regret that.  Maybe just chop it off?  Or a boring trim?

Have you heard the new Foxygen album?  I'm thinking about using my iTunes gift card from LAST Christmas to buy it.  I'm so indecisive about investing in music. 

I made these last week and can't stop thinking about them.  It's like Rice Krispies crack.

Every year Jim and I declare that we a late February/early March vacation is essential to surviving winter in the Northeast, yet we NEVER plan one.  Why is that? 

I love seeing good friends that make you feel like family.  Doesn't it look like we switched babies with the hair color & complexion mix going on?  Little girls are just so darn sweet.

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