Saturday, September 21, 2013

July Photo Recap

July was an extremely uneventful month.  Riesling got cuter (if that was even possible) and I got sicker (if that was even possible).
 This little dress was something my mom had put away for me from when I was a baby.  It was so sweet to see Riesling wearing it. 

Her hair finally grew enough for real piggy tails (which turned out to be such a good look for her sweet little round face!)
She also started to say "cheese" for pictures.  As well as "Cheese" for the food.  It became an obsession.

 Miss Riesling also discovered a little bit of attitude in July.  I think it was a combination of adjusting to some changes in nursing, teething and just overall age related. 
 We had some challenging moments.  Most involved me laying on the couch trying to stay alive while she threw some ridiculous tantrum on the floor in front of me. 
Happy girl again...

She became quite the little garden helper in the evenings after Jim got home.  It's still kinda of their thing.  The go out back in the evening and Riesling comes back with all her little treasures covered in dirt and tomato juice.  She LOVES eating veggies straight from the garden. 

My dad came for his annual summer visit and graciously decided to stay for an extended visit.  Riesling really loves her Papa and follows him around all day!

 It was so nice to have a little extra help around the house while I was feeling TERRIBLE.  I know I have said this a million times but I need to keep reminding myself how awful the whole thing was.  I vowed a over and over again that I would bear no more children because of the possibility I would have to go through it again.  The memory is quickly fading now that I am in the glory days of this pregnancy.  I ended up losing over 15 pounds in the month of July...and some very serious episode of vomiting involving blood.  Some days I couldn't even keep down water.  To much information?  Sorry.  Here's another adorable Riesling moment to make us all forget about it.

 I think the most exciting thing that happened in July was taking Papa and Riesling out for ice cream at oWowCow. And even that was not as exciting as last summer.


Liz said...

Rachelle...Riesling is absolutely adorable! Don't you love putting piggies in their hair?! Glad you are feeling better!

Rachel Dunfee said...

Congratulations, Rachelle!! I took a minute to read your blog and had to let u know I am going through the same thing right now (we are due early May)... so far no vomiting of blood for me, though... how awful! We have the same vow.... no more pregnancies for me.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Congratulations Rachel but so sorry you know exactly what I'm talking about. Hopefully it clears up and you can start enjoying your pregnancy :)