Monday, September 30, 2013

August Recap

In August, I started feeling a little better so we actually left the house for activities other than work and the grocery store.  The first big event was a trip to Paw's farm in New Jersey.  It's a small petting zoo and nature that Jim grew up going to and had very fond memories of.

He was really excited to share it with Riesling.  She was really excited that he did.  He may have been her best day to date.  Have you ever seen a kid so excited to see a cow?

She was seriously overjoyed by the entire experience.  She was trying to climb in the pens with the animals, especially the sheep.  She hugged and squeezed every bit she could.  It was adorable and a really fun little trip.  Way better than the overpriced, crowded zoo. 

The petting zoo was such a big hit that we didn't miss a chance to hit up the local Grange Fair.  This was equally exciting for Riesling.  I was beginning to get concerned that she would think there were sheep everywhere we went.  The ducks and, once again, the sheep were her favorite.  She had the opportunity to plant a few smooches on a sheep or two.

We also hit up the orchard for some peach picking.  Resulting in peach cobbler, peach popsicles, peach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  YUM! And HooRay for feeling like a real person and eating food again.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


And in case that's not enough Riesling for ya, here's a few July video moments....

She started eating cereal with milk (almond) and a big girl spoon.

And decided that one or more of her 'friends' needs to be at meals with us. She is so sweet and loves to share with Monkey aka Monk.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

July Photo Recap

July was an extremely uneventful month.  Riesling got cuter (if that was even possible) and I got sicker (if that was even possible).
 This little dress was something my mom had put away for me from when I was a baby.  It was so sweet to see Riesling wearing it. 

Her hair finally grew enough for real piggy tails (which turned out to be such a good look for her sweet little round face!)
She also started to say "cheese" for pictures.  As well as "Cheese" for the food.  It became an obsession.

 Miss Riesling also discovered a little bit of attitude in July.  I think it was a combination of adjusting to some changes in nursing, teething and just overall age related. 
 We had some challenging moments.  Most involved me laying on the couch trying to stay alive while she threw some ridiculous tantrum on the floor in front of me. 
Happy girl again...

She became quite the little garden helper in the evenings after Jim got home.  It's still kinda of their thing.  The go out back in the evening and Riesling comes back with all her little treasures covered in dirt and tomato juice.  She LOVES eating veggies straight from the garden. 

My dad came for his annual summer visit and graciously decided to stay for an extended visit.  Riesling really loves her Papa and follows him around all day!

 It was so nice to have a little extra help around the house while I was feeling TERRIBLE.  I know I have said this a million times but I need to keep reminding myself how awful the whole thing was.  I vowed a over and over again that I would bear no more children because of the possibility I would have to go through it again.  The memory is quickly fading now that I am in the glory days of this pregnancy.  I ended up losing over 15 pounds in the month of July...and some very serious episode of vomiting involving blood.  Some days I couldn't even keep down water.  To much information?  Sorry.  Here's another adorable Riesling moment to make us all forget about it.

 I think the most exciting thing that happened in July was taking Papa and Riesling out for ice cream at oWowCow. And even that was not as exciting as last summer.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses toward growth."

Have you ever stuck with something just because it's familiar to you, even though you're not 100% satisfied with it?  I think sometimes we can get into a comfort zone and it causes you to slowly lower your expectations over time.  Like going to the grocery store just around the corner even though the produce is crappy, the prices are high, and there are always long waits at the register.  Even if there's another grocery store just a few minutes further away, you will continue to go to the one that you know best.  Or maybe something big like staying at a job or in a bad living situation.

Last week I made two small changes that were LONG overdue.  I was avoiding them for convenience sake alone.  I went to a new hairdresser and switched Riesling to a new pediatrician.  In both cases I didn't start out unhappy or dissatisfied but now that I made the switch I realized how much I had overlooked in both cases.  I got a way better haircut for about 1/2 the price; it was a lot easier to get an evening appointment;  and I found the new stylist a million times easier to converse.

The pediatrician situation was a whole different ballgame.  Sometimes I think as a healthcare provider myself I somehow expect less out of other doctors.  I know how challenging it can be to find good staff. I know how unreasonable and frustrating insurance companies can be.  I experience first hand all the negative things about being a part of the industry.  But wait a minute, that doesn't mean I provide less than the best care I can to my patients.  Why do I think it's Ok when I'm on the other end?

From the very first visit I didn't love Riesling's pediatrician's office.  But, I didn't necessarily hate it either.  The place was just Ok.  But over the last 18 months it seemed like something happened every visit that made be frustrated, annoyed, or angry.  So after a little research and a wonderful consultation with the owner of the new practice, Riesling and future Baby Robinson have a new pediatrician.  I can not tell you how much this doctor and this practice lifted my spirits and renewed my faith in healthcare.  It's crazy what a little time, energy, and shift in your 'comfort zone' can make.

“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.” - See more at:
“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.” - See more at:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

June Photo Recap

 I have gotten so behind on events and happenings from the last few months. I have a ton of pictures piled up, some that I sadly just got around to downloading.  I feel like I need to catch up a little bit before I can dive into current day.  Riesling has grown up so much since the beginning of the summer and I don't want to miss a whole section of her changing, so I keep putting off posting current stuff until I catch up on the old stuff. It's just piling up and this point so I thought I should do a little recap of the last few months. 

Riesling's buddy Archer celebrates his 1st birthday at Duck, Duck Goose....

Surprise! There's a baby in mommy's belly.  She just found out so we can't tell anyone yet.

Father's Day Weekend at the beach....
Mild nausea and vomiting have set in at this point but I have no idea what absolute hell is ahead of me.

Some general fun in the sun cuteness....

And Aunt Jenn & Austin come to visit....

 At which point I had entered a serious state of all day "morning sickness" and was the worst host and no fun at all.  I took about 5 pictures the whole time they were here.  And probably at least 5 times a day I said to Jenn, "can you watch Riesling for a second while I go throw up."  Good times.  Poor Austin didn't even get to go out for ice cream. But Uncle Jim did help him catch lightening bugs....

 And ended the month of June.