Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday...

I have three unfinished posts from earlier this week, a busy half day of patient care, followed by a 7 hour drive to Ohio for the long weekend. So, I'm taking the lazy way out....

Some recent blog discoveries:

Kendi Everyday Isn't she too damn cute? Do you think you could document what you wear everyday? I have a feeling everyone would loose interest somewhere around Saturday afternoon, when I'm either still wearing my Pj's or rugged yucky painting clothes.

Bryn Alexandra Cool post today about the newwest oval office decor. And a great place for a little home decor inspiration.

Reagn's Blob Another gal who I think has great style and is 'i want to be like her' adorable, with a heartwarming story about her little girl, Piper.

Gluten Free Girl Self explanatory.

The Holistic Chef I've been into cooking lately.

Check 'em out and have a great weekend!!!

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