Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Equal opportunity employer

We have major laundry issues at the Robinson house these days.
It's not necessarily dirty laundry.
It's mostly piles of half folded clean laundry.
Laundry that started out neated folded, fresh from the dryer and fairly organized...but just never found it's way to the closets or dressers, and ends up looking that this....

And of course there are random piles of actual dirty laundry on the floor because all the laundry baskets are consumed by clean laundry...

And then there are just random pile of jackets, sweaters, and maybe clean/maybe dirty stuff in the recliner in the kitchen.

Yes. That's right.

Our recliner (and couch) are in the kitchen.

We have issues. Issues we didn't take into consideration when deciding to rennovate a house while living in it. Issues that I may need to seek counseling for.

Jim has a separate laundry problem that really has nothing to do with our home rennovations. He really does try so hard to be neat and tidy for his psycho clean freak wife. No matter what, his dresser always looks like this by mid week...

When we buy new bedroom furniture, I'm consider a large toy box that he can just pile everything and shut the top. Seems like a reasonable solution to me?

In the meantime he can live happily with the new found equality that home construction has brought our relationship.

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Kim said...

Oh the joys of laundry. Good thing Jared pays me so well to stay home and do it. (joking) Ours is never-ending!
PS I like the toy box idea for Jim's dresser. :)