Monday, September 6, 2010

Help me Rhonda.., help me Rhonda.

I don't actually know a Rhonda.
Except Rhonda Hockenberry from grade school.
We use to hang out on the playground together.
I remember she thought she was pregnant in the fifth grade.
I also remember that I didn't even understand how that was possible.
She was a bit endowed for her age and I think technically was suppose to be in the 6th grade.
We didn't stay playground friends for much longer after that.

Anyways. I need help! I have deemed myself incapable of making this decision alone. So I'm gathring opinions. This is our foyer/living room area.....

After stripping away all the yuck and muck we ended up with this.

We're about to have the hardwood portion refinished...
and I need to decide on a stain color...
or possibly just leaving the color as is.

The black slate is my problem.
But we won't be removing it.
Some of it will be covered with a lovely rug.
But it's a large space. This picture shows less than half of the foyer/black slate area.

The colors seem to contrasting to me.
What do you think?

1 comment:

Evan said...

Color seems fine to me. Maybe add an additional dog.