Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random thoughts for Thursday

Naked lady took a 10 minute 'sponge bath' in the sink using those rough brown paper towels at the gym, (completely naked of course) then gave herself a manicure stinky up the whole locker room.

I ate my apple before lunch, so now I have no afternoon snack.

My boss called yesterday and wants to put my face on the side of 11 vans to transport patients all across the surrounding Philadelphia area.

Don't underestimate the power of epson salt.

I joined Jim and SoFee last night for her bedtime walk for the first time in nearly a month.

Four day weeks are sooo nice. Weekends are even better.

I searched for Rhonda Hockenberry on Facebook, 1 Rhonda Hockenberry (not her) and 3 Tonda Hockenberrys. Tonda is more popular than Rhonda?

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