Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soup to nuts

Yesterday an older-than-me lady in the locker room muttered under her breath oh so subtly something along the lines of, "girls thinking they can expose themselves in front of everyone..." She was referencing me. I know this because I was the only other person in the locker room and she was gumbling at the exact moment I was exposing my breast between the time it takes me to take off my sports bra and close my robe, literally about 2 seconds. I was even still wearing pants and shoes.

Apparently she has never met Naked Lady!

Today commuting was back to normal. Leaving at 5:55 caused me to encounter about 15 minutes in traffic delays, resulting in a total loss of about 20-25 minutes from my normal workout time.
"No soup for you."
Actually only soup for me for lunch today.
Trader Joe's Organic, low sodium tomato and roasted red pepper soup to be exact.
I will consume about 10 gallons of this stuff before winter is over (and it's only their no gluten list!). It's so yummy.
And it was already packed for lunch today and has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of time I spent burning calories this morning. I'm not that psycho.

Although I did recently purchase these really cute skinny jeans from Gap and need to keep my girlish figure at least long enough to wear them once...and preferrably throughout fall and winter.

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