Monday, November 8, 2010

Dog Days

Yesterday was Sofee dog's birthday.

(brand new puppy Sofee with her brand new puppy toy)

Five years ago she was born at the Philadelphia SPCA, after her mom was dropped off on the doorstep preggo. She was the last one to go home in the litter (lucky for us!) The day we found her she was sitting there shaking in her boots off with her last brother dog. He went home that day with his new owner, a seriously huge black man with a bum leg. They both looked so happy. Brother dog was mostly brown with black markings and seemed like a stuffed animal next to the man. We often wonder how they're doing now (considering Sofee is a complete spasm if she doesn't get at least 3 walks in one day, I'm not sure that Brother is doing so well having an owner with a bum leg...maybe brother is just not the spastic runt).

When Jim went back to pick up Sofee for her homecoming (she had to be spayed first--SPCA rules) he took the shirt right off his back and nestle puppy Sofee up on the floorboard of his big Bronco. She was the cutest lil thing with her floppy ears and soft puppy fur. She whined, whimpered, and cried until her cuteness got the best of him and he picked her up and let her snuggle up in his lap for the ride home....

She has been whiny, whimpering, crying and pushing her way onto our laps ever since...and we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

You are certainly our bestest pal.

Let me count the ways:

10) Your little Sofee body is the perfect size for squeezes and snuggles.

9) You keep me nice and warm at night curled up behind my knees.

8) I love the way you look so happy and content stretch out in a patch of sunshine. Every good dogs likes to sunbath.

7) You are still energetic and playful even at the ripe old age of five

6) and make us take you to the park for hikes even when it's cold and snowy.

5) Jim and I would probably be fat slobs without you.

4) You are a master stick jumper and give the best high fives.

3) You have the funniest expression of any dog I've ever met. I can always tell when you're nervous or sad just by your little doggie face.

2) That gosh darn cute lil' puppy face that makes everybody single person we meet on the streets or at the park love you instantly.

1) You even have your own song

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Garden Club said...

Great post Rachelle. SoFee dog certainly is a very special little mutt. Though she wakes me up pretty much nightly trying to take up all my space in the bed, I love you. Happy birthday buddy.