Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nicky Sienks, you rock!

During the summer of 2005, Jim and I were living in Levittown, NY (god how I hate Long Island!) completing our clinicals for chiropractic school. Jim and a group of his (our) guy friends decided to go to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. To make a long story short...the girls (me) were banned from going. It was some crap about one last hoopla for the boys (even though there were going to be other girls there meeting up with them). Confused? I was. I even had to endure being quizzed about whether or not I could name 5 bands that would be playing that year, like some kind of entry exam! In the end I really didn't care that much nor did I want or have the money to spend on such shenanigins. It was more about the point...it's a huge festival and last time I checked it's a free country and I'll go if I want. And really did you boys think that you'd be shackin' up with a group of dirty hippie chics?

After returning from their little excursion Jim said that I should have been glad that I didn't go. It was really hot & humid, plus it rained making everything really muddy, and the camping was really squeezing your tent up between cars in a big open field. Jim was basically miserable (and probably not prepared with adequate supplies) and thought that I would have been equally, if not more, miserable. Our buddy Nicky Sienks disagreed. His reason, I'm adaptable.

Damn right Nicky Sienks!! Adaptable should be my freakin' middle name. You always were a smart man.

Currently the microwave is on the floor serving as a table for the coffee pot and toaster.
Half of my baking dishes are covered in dust and yuck and I am washing dishing in bath tub (on the 2nd floor) because we have no countertops and no sink or plumbing in our kitchen

Over the last six months I've endured, quiet gracefully I made add, the filth and inconvience of this home renovation. And at the same time I've managed to drag myself to work everyday, looking pressed & put together, keep up with the laundry and normal cleaning (sorta), and continue cooking healthy meals.

In exchange for a mild case of alcoholism. I'd call that adaptable.


Dr. Jill Craig said...

Ah, Rachelle I forgot the the Long Islanders made it a boys only trip. I would have to agree with them in saying that their accommodations were less than ideal, I think their tents were completely soaked and muddy after the first day. If memory serves me right, those guys left early due to poor morale and lack of supplies.

Wish I had known you wanted to go at the time, you would have been more than welcome to come with Matt, Chris, Erin and I. Chris had a tent on dry land and Erin, Matt and I had a pop up trailer that had a stove and three beds. I also came fully prepared with supplies, food, drinks and other necessities. I confess it was the dirtiest that I have ever been, at the end we paid $15 to shower in a portable trailer shower, and it was wonderful. We had a blast and have often thought about doing it again, however I don't think I could rough it like that again. You would have been a great addition to our group.

Kim said...

Rachelle Adaptable Robinson, you are too funny. Bottoms up! :)

Kim said...

PS Can't wait to see what the kitchen looks like when it's all said and done!