Sunday, November 6, 2011

Couch Potatoes

Last weekend I turned thirty-one bringing along a lovely 6 inches of snow mixed with ice and sleet. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like freezing ice balls falling from the late October sky. We bailed on all our Halloween related engagements and spend the night stuff our faces with cupcakes and parked our lazy butts on the couch for the whole night.

Birthday candy corn cupcakes. More candy corn. Toasted pumpkin seeds.

We started off with Paranormal Activity followed by Psycho, which neither of had seen before, then ended the night with about 5-6 episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflixs. The most terrifying thing I saw the whole night was the terrible heroin death on Breaking Bad.

****Warning the remaining post may contain spoilers****

I just get so disturbed by heroin/opioid addictions and the aftermath. It's the addiction I fear someone I know having the most. I just couldn't sleep thinking that last scene and what was going to happen to Jesse and how could Walt just stand there for god sake! Not to mention Jane was super bad ass and combined in a relationship with Jesse, one of my favorite characters.... especially in comparison to Skylar who is just a major bitch! I'm also a big fan of the Los Pollos Hermanos guy and Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad is so awesome.

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