Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wish List

Now that Thanksgiving has had it's proper attention I can turn my attention to Christmas. I hate that poor Thanksgiving gets so overshadowed by it's dominating holiday neighbor. Especially since it's such a great holiday! It's personally one of my favorites. What's better than a nice long weekend to gather with your family, lounge around watching parades & football, stuff your face with amazing foods, and be thankful? Add in the whole no gifts required and you've got a winner. But, the turkey has been stuffed, the pumpkin pie covered in whip cream, and a weekend of leftovers enjoyed so it's on to my wish list for Santa....

**I love these birth month necklaces! I've never been a fan of my birth stone but do enjoy the choice made for October's flower. I also really like January, September, & June. I could also be persuaded to enjoy February in honor of Baby Robinson assuming arrival is timely.

**I'm in desperate need of new winter boots but can't seem to find something I like also in my price range. Good luck on this one Santa.

**In an attempt to be more organized I've been looking for a small to medium sized jewelry box mostly for earrings and bracelets, like this.

**I've been wanted a set or two of these latte bowls from Anthropologie for awhile now. Perfect for desserts and special treats. I like the raspberry, chartreuse, and mint the best.

**Jim and I spotted the cutest knit headband/ear warmers while Christmas shopping at Christmas village in Philly. They had a lot of fun color with cute little flowers. I'm thinking something neutral that could go with any of my coats/jackets to just throw on with a ponytail.

**I also really want a new lightweight black turtle sweater. But it's a stupid wish since I'm pregnant and either way you go I won't get a full season of wear out of it, so I guess I'll just save that one for next year.

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