Sunday, November 6, 2011

Creating New Life. Week 25

This is really the first week that I've noticed I was pregnant from a physical standpoint. Up to this point my growing midsection went unnoticed in my daily routine. But this week I know I'm carrying around a little basketball under my shirt. I have to sit down to put on my socks because I can't flex my hip enough to reach standing up. When I sit down my boobs almost touch my stomach and if I sit for too long I get a crease where the two meet. Squatting down requires caution and rising back up requires a little groan.

I'm getting more belly rubs than ever and a lot more people are taking note of my condition. Everyone thinks I'm having a boy. Everyone also thinks I'm carrying the baby really high. I contribute this illusion to the fact that I have no torso. I have known for a long time that someday being all legs would haunt more beyond shopping for pants and that time has come. I'm under 5'9" and wear a 34" inseam. For comparison, Jim is 6'2" and also wears a 34" inseam and my brother in law is about my height and wears a 30" inseam. By my calculations I'm missing 4-5" of torso. Good luck in there Baby Robinson vs my internal organs.

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