Friday, January 20, 2012

Another man's treasure

Some things in life are hard to come by. True love, good friends, a rewarding career, and lets not forget tin coffee cans. Seriously! Plastic has total taken over the industry but a tin coffee can, especially one with a lid, has so many uses. They are super sturdy and great for storing all kinds of things, like screws, nails, construction materials, buttons, or craft supplies. You can get really crazy and make a light fixture or lamp. You can paint them and use them as mini vases or planters for herbs.

You could easily have a few in every room of your house. If only they weren't so darn difficult to come by...

Well yesterday was Jim's lucky day. He was just walking down the street to work and there it was, a perfectly good tin coffee can in the street. A brief inspection revealed that it was not infested with roaches or been used as urinal by a homeless person, so he picked it up and continued on his way. Once inside the office, with great excitement, as he was carefully wiping and cleaning the canister, he showed off his new prize to several staff members. All of whom thought it was the weirdest thing. Why anyone in their right mind would pick up trash off the street? Perhaps it goes back to my redneck Ohio roots, but my initial response was "Sweet!"

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Julie said...

That's so awesome... I love it!!! I'm gonna be on the look out for some now!