Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year.

I didn't do it last year but enjoyed reading back at my goals for 2010 so thought I'd get something in writing while I'm feeling inspired!

Take more pictures. I'm usually really good at this but last year I hardly had the camera out at all, especially after I got pregnant. I'm hoping to recruit Jim on this one too so I actually appear in some photos with the new babe.

Use technology better. Although I love certain stone age practices like sending letters snail mail style and carrying a paper planner, I know I could put technology to better use. I want to get a better handle on technology in useful ways, like paperless statements from my bank and other accounts, keeping track of birthdays, and a better way to follow blogs I read regularly.

Get myself together. This probably sounds ridiculous but I don't want to fall into the mom in sweat pants trap. I could totally see it happening since I'm slowing slipping into a cozy oversized tshirt and sweats world as we speak. And once the baby comes I know my time will be limited, simple task may seem overwhelming, and my wardrobe will be in some kind of in between stage. But, I don't want that to mean a year from now I'm bumming around in tattered yoga pants with no bra at Target. I want to make an effort to get back into actually getting dressed and ready even when I have no real place to go. Just for for me.

Stay healthy. Over the last year I was fortune to have an abundance of time and energy to spend on myself. I know the demands of motherhood are going to cut into my personal time a bit, but I want to make sure that I keep exercise and healthy eating a priority for myself and my family.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2012!!!

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