Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Night

I'm loving this weather!! Cool and crisp with a splash of sunshine. A perfect way to start the weekend...

After successfully installing the recessed lighting fixture, we decided to take advantage of the
beautiful weather and spend some time relaxing and just hanging out.

We took SoFee dog to the park then fired up the grill for a Friday night feast.

On the menu: grilled salmon, yukon gold potatoes, asparagus, red pepper and onion, and fresh sliced tomatoes. Using as many herbs and veggies from our little garden as possible....Yes, it was just Jim and I, but in our defense, we rarely eat lunch on Fridays so we were both ready for a hearty meal.

The lovely 'patio' tomatoes picked from the garden were fan-freakin-tastic. Sliced and served with a just a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. Fresh tomatoes. It's reason alone to love summer...

We rolled the potatoes in olive oil, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper; putting them right straight on the grill whole. I whipped up a little 'sauce' with sour cream, fresh rosemary, butter, salt and pepper in the food processor.

We splashed the salmon with a simple squeeze of lemon, lime, and olive oil and grilled 4-5 minutes per side. The asparagus, a summer favorite around here, also rolled in olive oil with a dash of salt and squeezed with lemon after grilled.

Delicious. Every single bite!

It was especially nice to just spend a quiet evening together, enjoying good food, a glass of wine, a good conversation. It's been such a busy's hard to believe it's almost mid-August.

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