Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Points on a wonderful wife

(edit. Jim accidentally posted this on my blog last night instead of his. It now rightfully appears on The Garden Club, but I thought I'd leave it here too. It makes me happy. Jim makes me happy)

I just got back from the Phillies game with my wife, Rachelle. Rachelle, when you read this I want you to know that I love you very very much. My wife and friend. You are the only person that I can hold a conversation with for more than 30 minutes. I don't know how you tolerate my wackiness sometimes. I see you, looking at me with slightly squinty eyes, wanting to tell me what to do but allowing me to make my own decision like a big boy, like a grown up, like I should. I know you see me look up at you with my head bowed down while I try to read your expression to see if I should continue with my decision. Sometime ago I was putting on my dress socks. They had a little hole in them over the big toe. Rachelle can not stand for holy socks. She has consistently thrown away perfectly wearable socks because of a few minor holes. No one sees my stockinged feet but you baby! Anyway as I'm putting the socks on I catch myself looking to see if she's watching me, feeling guilty about wearing these unacceptable socks but knowing if I can get my shoes on before she sees I can be home free for the rest of the day. She didn't catch me that time but she has in the past.
Rachelle, your musical knowlage has grown significantly in the time we've been together. Whenever I ask her "who sings this" and she doesn't know, she knows to guess The Grateful Dead, probably because they have multiple singers and a lot of different sounds which makes them hard to identify unless you know the song. I would say she is about 75% correct in playing our game and can nail all Beatles and Dylan songs. Tonight she missed on CSN's Suite Judy Blueeyes, but had acceptable guesses with The Dead and The Allmans. Nicely done Rachelle, but I do love to stump you now and then.
She is unbeatable at connect 4, also known as "four in a row". Overall, she is surprising smart. Up until recently I think I thought in the back of my head she was barely literate because she is from Ohio and Ohio seems like a very red neck place to be from. I don't know how much they work on reading skills instead of picking corn or fixing cars out there. But I can not beat her at connect 4. One game she could have beat me three different ways! It was like I was a toddler. There was a 9 year old little boy I used to babysit at the Quaker meeting who could beat me at Guess Who every time. That little kid was impressive. I wish I could find him and make him play, and beat, Rachelle in a board game war. That would wipe that smug grin off her face. Haha, you have no such grin Rachelle, only a beautiful smile! Haha.
Best of all, she is always watching out for me. She made me understand that using the same pair of tweezers to pluck my unibrow as to pick the ticks out of SoFee was a bad idea. My arguement was that the tweezers never touched my skin, but she pointed out that they were only 99 cents at the supermarket and it probably wasn't worth the risk of slipping and jabbing a pair of tick infested tweezers into my forehead. Good one chelle.
You are clean and healthy, tidy and interesting. You give excellent advice and still listen to all my blabber. All in all Rachelle you are my favorite person in life.


Rachelle said...

Hey!! You tell Jim the slam on Ohio isn't very nice!!! The rest was pretty sweet!!

Rachelle said...

It's kinda of an old joke btw us going way back to our courtship years.

but, in general people on the east coast think that nothing exist west of Harrisburg until you hit California. blame it on his upbringing.

Rachelle said...

boy it's confusing having 2 Rachelles commenting.