Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Closet crisis

I dropped down to my pre pregnancy weight pretty quickly which certainly makes me happy.   But I'm definitely not even close to being back to my pre pregnancy shape, and combined with the warmer weather it is providing some wardrobe issues. 

My boobs are huge which makes most of my shirts fit weird and I need to get back into a workout routine, get a butt back and flatten this jelly belly again to please the bottoms half of my closet.  I also realize that much of what I use to wear is either not practical, not appropriate for the activities associated with motherhood, or not nursing friendly. 

So I'm on a mission to update my closet without breaking the bank.  I feel like I need to chose each item carefully and try to mix new stuff in with the old stuff that still works.  I also need to shop quickly because we all know time is a precious gift these days.  So help me out fellow moms....

What are your favorite items for day to day? 
What stores are your favorite?
What are the things in your closet you couldn't live without?


Liz said...

I rarely wear anything besides pajama pants and tee shirts unless I'm leaving the house. :-) I'm with you and need some new wardrobe ideas!

Rachelle said...

Yellow is really hot right now and currently my fav color to wear. Also, colored jeans and florals are everywhere you look!

Mrs. Robinson said...

I agree Liz...It was yoga pants and tanks/hoodies for me for a long while but the change in weather threw me for a loop.'re just too cute and fashionable for us new moms. haha. Colored jeans would just be covered in white baby puke in a matter of hours.