Friday, May 25, 2012

Newborn necessities

A close friend is due to have her first baby in just a few weeks.  As she finishing her nursery and getting things set for Baby's arrival, she asked me what essential items she would need for those first hectic weeks.  It's only been three months but it seems like Riesling has been around forever!  I do remember it was overwhelming trying to feel prepared in those weeks before she was born.  What did I absolutely need those first couple of weeks?  Everything changes so quickly, I had to rack my brain to think about what life was like back then.  I thought I would compile a list before it completely escapes my brain altogether.

Diapers & wipes.   And lots of them!  Newborns poop and pee sooo much!  I preferred the sensitive wipes and chlorine free diapers to cut down on the diaper rash, but we did use the supply of Pampers Swaddlers from the hospital.

Swaddling blankets.  I received some handmade blankets that were a little wider and longer and made of a warm flannel and were perfect for swaddling my winter baby.  If you're having a summer baby the muslin blankets are great. Make sure your swaddle is nice and tight.

Feeding pillow.  I used a Boppy but I've heard the Breastfriend is also really great.  Even if you're not breastfeeding the support will make it more comfortable for mom and baby.  If you're doing formula I'm sure there are lots of essentials in terms of bottle and sterilizing equipment, but I'm just not familiar with it.

Onesies & sleepgowns.  Don't bother with too many clothes.  Riesling lived in a white onesie (the ones with mitten cuffs) for weeks.  I also liked the sleep gowns because there are no buttons or snaps in the middle of the night.  For trips to the doctors office have a few pairs of  pajamas on hand.

Burp clothes.  Pretty self explanatory.  You'll be surprised how many you go through in one day.

Bath time basics.  Hooded towels, wash cloths, and hypoallergenic soap & lotion.  We also had a baby bath tub that was given to us second hand but I know a lot of people just use the sink, not to mention you're restricted to sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off. 

Swing or bouncing chair.  I borrowed a bouncing chair which I kept upstairs and put Riese in when I was in the shower (actually in the bathroom with me so I could see her like a psycho new mom) and bought a portable swing that we put in the kitchen to keep her occupied while I cooked or made a cup of coffee.  Basically you need to put Baby down at some point. 

Crib, bassinet, or pack n play.  It's pretty much whatever works for you.  We have the crib set up but she has yet to sleep in beyond an afternoon nap.  We've have her in a pack n play  next to our bed and it seems to work well for everyone.  

Sling or wrap.  Babywearing is amazing!  I have a MOBY which is great for computer work, light house work, or lounging with baby at your chest.  She really prefers the Ergo now which is great for walks and bigger projects but not great for sitting around in just for comfort reason for you not the baby. 

I guess that seems like a long list but when you look at all the crap you feel the need to register for it's really not that bad.  I've made a million trips to Babies R Us and Target for stuff over the past three months and I'm sure every new mom does too.  There's just stuff you discover you want or need based on the way you develop into parenting, stuff you never thought of, stuff you were avoiding buying because it's expensive and you hope you won't need it.  Babies need stuff.  Just try to keep it simple and borrow what you can.


Liz said...

I would absolutely agree with this list! After I read your first sentence I was racking my brain to think of the things I would tell someone. Even though Katelyn is only 4 weeks old, I also feel like I have had her here forever. We have also yet to set up a crib and use the pack n' play as well. Although, for the last few weeks I have not been able to get her to sleep for long periods unless she is on my chest. I think I have started something bad LOL

Mrs. Robinson said...

Riesling was the same way for a long time and would only fall asleep in my arms or on my chest. She started becoming more independent around 10 weeks but still needs snuggle time...especially at night. She's just too darn cute to say no too :)

Liz said...

that makes me feel better! maybe there is some hope for miss Katelyn yet. she just doesnt seem to like to be on her back. she will sleep well on her stomach, but because of all the stuff about SIDS, I'm afraid to leave her like that unless I am awake to keep an eye on her. It's very hard to say no to these cute babies! I love snuggle time!