Thursday, May 3, 2012


While I'm not a fan of fake meats for vegetarian meals, I have been experimenting with tofu a little bit.  We probably have it once or twice a month.

An easy way for starters (and the way I started) is a stir fry version: slice firm or extra firm tofu into cubes, marinate in soy sauce for 5-10 minutes, saute in grapeseed oil until both sides are brown and crispy, then toss with veggies and rice.

Last week I got adventurous and made a version of this recipe.  It was a bit time consuming for some reason, maybe it was all the prep work.  But, it did turn out really good and was a new and exciting flavor for us.  We paired it with a heaping pile of roasted kale.  YUM!   The potatoes were also great as leftovers, although I personally don't think tofu reheats well.

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